24.04.2013 8:43

Die Eternias

Our artists for 2013. Die Eternias are from Vienna. They claim to originate from He-Man’s home planet Eternia developed in the childhood daydreams of singer and guitarist Voodoo J├╝rgens. In 2004 the four Eternias founded the band. After they won a band contest at Viennese club Flex, they released their first album on the club’s own label Flexschallplatten (released digitally on Seayou Records). Another 7“ EP on Seayou followed. In fall 2012 Die Eternias released their first LP „Sould Out“. Die Eternias setup is conventional: guitar, bass, drums, an organ at live shows. The music is not. Influences range from reggae to Kurt Weill, the songs are about the repressed facets of Western society, the peripheral and marginalised individuals, the petty criminals, the prostitutes.

guitar & vocals: LaUra LaPidar
guitar & vocals: Voodoo J├╝rgens
bass: Rocko Basserati
drums: Ludiwig Van Swingeren

In cooperation with Seayou Records we will release a split 7″ with Die Eternias and Dust Covered Carpet as well as a limited edition of Die Eternias skateboards and t-shirts. There will also be a video for the song „King Young Star“ and a release show.

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